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Boutique Design Agency

A boutique design marketing agency can be defined as a small creative agency with a focus on specialized work for a limited number of clients. These agencies usually don’t have multi-office locations or a huge staff. Boutique agencies are run by highly experienced people who specialize in the services they offer. Clients have a benefit of working directly with professionals who understand the business challenges and help guide them to deliver results.

A typical design marketing agency employs multi teams to source a client- Sales, demo, design, development, etc. On the other hand, a boutique agency employs a small selected group of professionals who work as a team with one target – Customer satisfaction. With this methodology, the chances of miscommunications are nil, as you are working directly with the same team from start till finish. With one to one interaction, this ensures everyone is on the same page and understands the requirements. This improves project efficiency and client satisfaction.

From Concept to Creation: Why You Should Consider a Boutique Design Agency

Creative specialists work on your projects at a boutique design agency, while at a traditional design agency generalists do everything. Specialists’ exposure to the niche project type is far greater, hence you get better quality comparatively at a boutique creative agency.

Also, because fewer employees work at a boutique creative agency, you are likely going to engage with the same creative in the meetings who would work on the actual project. The traditional agency would prefer a sales or creative manager for client-facing meetings, so here you get an advantage working with a boutique creative agency.

Here at Striped Horse, we create innovative and highly engaging initiatives, our creative concepts are inspired by the latest consumer trends and act upon the consumer insights shared by our clients. We integrate quality contents with messages and using a creative language, far from conventional strategies.

A unique space, where companies and families meet among peers, in order to create a shared value, between those who do business and who really decides.

One of our favorite parts. Understanding a brand from its inception and watching it grow. Branding is about creating the face of your business. Determining what you want your brand to exude to the public eye through name discovery, logo design, website development, content creation and giving it a voice, tone, and recognizable personality.

We work to determine what you want your brand to exude to the public eye and we take a ride through name exploration, logo design, website development and content creation. So fun!

Boutique Web Design Agency Los Angeles

Striped Horse is a Boutique Design Agency in Los Angeles that focuses on Brand creation and Digital presence for your business. As a boutique agency our services include brand identity, UI/Ux design, graphic design, logo design, marketing collateral design, web design, landing pages and branding solutions. We provide customized and unique solutions to every business, based on its requirement and product in focus.

We believe in true business partnership, we believe that add value can be created only where business needs, competencies and experience are shared in a collaborative way.

Our track records shows that best results are delivered when we can work hands in hands with our clients to clearly set initiative goals. From here our expertise, passion and creativity come in place to stimulate you with an innovative and engaging communication platform. Take your business to new heights with our spectacular set of services.

Los Angeles Web Design Firm Takes Pride in Each Clients Success

Users today spend less than three seconds on a page before deciding whether or not they want to stay. That’s why a well-designed and user friendly website is key to retaining potential and recurring consumers. Websites should effectively communicate your brand message and image while focusing on the best user experience possible.

Striped Horse prides itself in being a boutique web design agency that pays special attention to the success of each and every client. Our mission is to pay special attention to the unique designs we create for your business that makes your website and online marketing campaign a success.

Creating a website for a specific industry takes an artistic eye and requires an understanding of the specific industry and the competitors marketing and website design. We do not just piece a website together. Striped Horse looks at the client’s industry from a consumer’s standpoint to understand what the consumer is seeking when first opening the page of our client’s website. In a competitive market where everyone is fighting for the next piece of business, a boring non user friendly website will surely fail.

If you have not yet picked a domain name, we will assist you in choosing the do main name. Our success in utilizing SEO through a domain name has been successful. We will educate you as to why we do what we do in the choosing of a domain name to the structure of the website along with what images are best utilized and how important video is.

We can’t wait to put you in touch with our designers and marketing specialists to help achieve your goals. Request a quote and discover the power of Striped Horse today!

Los Angeles Web Design Company- Let’s Make Something Absolutely Fantastic!

Striped Horse is a Los Angeles based boutique web design firm for LA web design. We take immense pride in becoming your strategic brand partner first and foremost, and a remarkably dependable product provider second. We don’t just take your website building order and serve you up a website or mobile app. We take the time to get to know you, learn about how you operate, why you’re great, what your challenges are, and understand your goals and objectives.

While other LA website design firms may be frolicking in the shallows waiting for the next digital wave to come in, this group of adventurers is already swimming out to see what can be conquered. We take bold steps to create web experiences that are visually stunning, highly functional, user friendly, and drive results for your company.

Designing a high quality website takes time and requires very tedious attention to detail. We feel that there is no reason to cut corners on any project and every client is special. The finished product should come together like a work of art.

We love what we do and are passionate and excited at the challenge of new projects. Working long hours and hard hours is essential in web design. An artistic mind cannot just drop everything when the clock strikes 5:00. Nights and weekends are normal when attacking new projects.

We are confident that when you look at other web design los angeles firms that Striped Horse will be a serious choice for your business. Our prices are affordable and service is second to none.

Sounds like what you are looking for? Brilliant! Let’s chat! We’re ready to listen.

Best Website Development Agency

Your website is your business’ digital home. It’s one of the most important touch points between your brand and your target customers. Leave a lasting impression and deliver a seamless digital experience of your brand by partnering with Striped Horse. We are a full-service website development agency driven to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our team is equipped with advanced know-how and tools to create meaningful interactions between consumers and brands.

Web designers are like architects that seek to enhance your digital home’s curb appeal and overall aesthetic. Web development, on the other hand, ensures the website is functioning optimally, the same way an engineer ensures the home’s structural integrity is up to code. Striped Horse has a team of professional web developers driven to build you a robust, adaptable, and secure website.

As a remote extension to your creative and engineering department, we’ll be available every time you need technical support. While our approach to customer support is “preventive,” we’ll see to it that we’ll be one phone call or chat away should your website have any issues. More importantly, we’ll make sure that the issue is resolved as quickly and effectively as possible to avoid costly business interruptions.

Let us know how we can help to grow your business. With flexible support hours, we can cater to the needs of our international clients around the globe.

Top-Rated Web Development Services

In today’s web-savvy world, it’s 100% mandatory that your website be accessible on mobile platforms (thanks Google)! Tablets and smartphones have simply taken over, and more and more visitors are viewing and interacting with websites on their mobile devices. It seems we’re all in a rush and want to get our information fast and with no hassle. Which is why, at Striped Horse, we utilize our website development services to only design mobile friendly, responsive websites.

Responsive website.  What does that even mean? It means we ensure you have a website your visitors can easily view (without having to pinch and zoom!) on their mobile and tablet devices. Actually, with our website design services, we make sure your site is responsive on all of the various viewing screens on the market today. There’s no need to look any further for responsive website design and development services in Los Angeles other than Striped Horse.

You’re probably wondering exactly how we do this. To create responsive design, we break your website down into a simpler form that can be viewed on a smaller screen. Some images can move around, collapse, or even disappear altogether, depending upon how your website functions and operates. On mobile devices, it’s key to display information quickly and effectively without requiring the user to scroll too deeply through the entire site. Since some elements on your site are more important than others, we will work with you to focus our website design services on your company’s specific needs in order to figure out which elements are most important to display on your mobile site.

So that’s responsive design-but what’s all the talk about responsive website development? When it comes to website development services, development simply refers to the coding work our website company does to enable your site to collapse or rearrange itself to be mobile-friendly.

In other words, sit back and relax. You can count on our expert website design and development services to make sure your customers no longer have to pinch or squint at their mobile devices to view your website. We’ll make sure they have a great user experience!

WordPress Web Design Company That Can Solve Your Development Problems

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system that is exbrtremely functional and very user-friendly. It allows you to add, change, or remove content from your website with very little technical knowledge. Based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress features a plugin architecture making it ideal for custom design and development incorporating third-party software elements to enhance and bring your website to life.

WordPress is supported by a massive community of developers continuously creating a wide array of extensions and plugins to help you easily modify the look of your site and plus keep it up to date. Unleashed strives to understand your business processes and goals, so we can deliver results. From discovery to deployment, we are true partners working together to ensure we are developing a solution to your business challenges.

At Striped Horse, we’re a WordPress website design development agency who are huge advocates around designing and developing new websites on WordPress. We believe that your LA businesses should be able to leverage a modern, robust and highly cost-effective platform that works to suit their needs.

No matter what type of website you are interested in creating, WordPress can accommodate your organization’s needs. Leveraging custom themes and thousands of plugins, your options are almost unlimited.

Striped Horse award-winning team of experienced custom WordPress website design and development experts provide deep architectural and implementational knowledge in WordPress design, augmentation, and support. Leveraging our decade of WordPress experience and proven project management processes, Unleashed will collaborate with you to build a foundation that grows with your organization into the future. Let’s bring your WordPress site to life!

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