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Los Angeles Brand Identity

Brand identity is who you are as a business or organization, and that statement needs to be strong and clear, resonating throughout all aspects of your business decisions. Whether you’re launching a new brand, or in need of a fresh update, we create a defined awareness between you and your consumer, for a lasting impression.

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Striped Horse has launched brands from birth including UI and UX Design, Web Development, Copywriting, and more. As a development agency, our speciality is providing you with the full spectrum of services you’ll require to create or refresh an impressive brand identity package.

Your Los Angeles brand identity is everything. It defines your company across every medium. An undefined brand leads to a weak presence in the marketplace. We deliver your message loud & clear with professional brand identity packages. Stand out from the crowd. We specialize in defining your brand identity with logo design, website design, print materials, and viral campaigns, digital strategy, and marketing guaranteed to resonate strongly with your customer base blow up your brand. We make your brand memorable.

Present your brand with a unique and comprehensive visual concept. At Striped Horse, we offer Design and Brand Identity Services. We focus on creating simple, memorable, and enduring brand images that show the biggest strengths of our clients’ businesses. In this way, we help you establish and strengthen your brand image while promoting your product or service.

Our top-notch team carefully determines the specific elements your corporate identity development needs to engage your target audience. These are features that both educate and move your customers. As a design and branding company, it’s our job to make your ideas come true. Hence, we engineer whatever concept you think better represents your brand into a striking and unique logo.

Despite the popular belief that “you can’t judge a book by its cover”, as buyers, we often do this whilst making purchases. Thus, Striped Horse will make sure your brand’s “cover” is one to remember and irresistible to buy.

Our Approach in Los Angeles Brand Identity

At Striped Horse, our approach to brand identity is straightforward yet rigorous at every stage. In summary, we first seek to understand our clients from the inside out, including who they are and aspire to be, how they compete, and the unique challenges they face. With this understanding, we next develop visual and verbal concepts that communicate each client’s unique essence.

Once we know what we’re trying to say, we can then get creative, finding the right voice and tone for visual and verbal expression. Finally, we provide clients with the tools and guidance for all the various ways they need to communicate their brand identity to the world.

Don’t Let Your Business Fall Behind – Striped Horse Brand Identity Design Services

For those of you who are new to Striped Horse, or brand identity consulting in general, we’ve provided more details below on our brand identity approach.

Discovery:  When we take on a new brand identity consulting project, we launch a discovery process to immerse ourselves into our clients’ business and industry.  This process, which consists of internal, external and competitive research, ensures that we fully understand the challenges and opportunities facing each client.  We then distill and deliver clear and achievable objectives, which become our touchstones in development, expression, and implementation. Clear objectives in our brand identity consulting work enables our clients to more easily make rational, rather than emotional, decisions on positioning, messaging, and naming.

Development: Development is a critical part of our brand identity services.  Armed with clear objectives, we develop multiple strategic concepts, expressed through visual and verbal tools. Once this is accomplished, we then bring our most promising ideas to our clients for discussion and selection.

Expression: Once we’ve decided upon what we want to say, the brand magic begins. We craft creative and memorable expressions of each unique story. The deliverables in this step include logos and taglines, headlines and elevator pitches, visual systems, and guidance on the use of photography, illustration, tone of voice, and personality.

Implementation:  At this stage of our brand identity consulting process, the brand identity system is ready for its public debut.  We work with client teams and external partners to ensure they are focused on the most impactful priorities and have clear, achievable plans to execute the new identity strategy and system across internal or external initiatives. This approach to brand identity strategy provides a strong core for driving and inspiring coherence across touchpoints.

Design and Brand Identity Los Angeles – Build an Image that Inspires Others

Just as people are recalled by their personalities, brands are remembered by their identities. With our carefully curated brand identity design services, we can strengthen your brand, engage the audience and succeed in making an impact. Whether you need logo design, web design, or corporate presentation, Striped Horse provides all types of branding solutions for your needs under one umbrella. Avail of our brand identity design services from India and increase your business reach among your target customers.

Every brand has some unique characteristics that need to be defined by proper use of typography, themes, colours, and more. At Striped Horse, we simplify the process of brand identity design by providing a wide array of corporate branding services tailored to your business requirements. We ensure your business develops a unique identity and stands apart from the competition. We provide world-class services to build a unique brand identity for your business. We have a passionate team of graphic designers and project managers committed to providing you with the highest quality of services.

Contact us now and we will develop a powerful brand identity for your business!

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