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A website is a crucial element of a company’s marketing campaign. A well-developed site will produce a positive user experience for the people who visit it. This is because the site should be easy to navigate and provide an attractive layout. The website should also be backed up with other internet marketing efforts such as social media profiles, web banners, and email campaigns.

In Los Angeles, Striped Horse provides website design/UX design, website development, etc. for business owners who are looking to take it online. We believe that every business owner deserves to have a classy, well-developed website.

Why You Need a Website for Your Business

There are many reasons why you need a website for your business including:

  • You can use the website to reach potential customers who are looking for your type of product or service.
  • You can use it to present your products and services in a professional manner.
  • It will allow you to present information about your company and its services online.
  • You can also provide information about the company’s history, mission and vision with the help of the website.
  • You can use the website to present your portfolio.
  • You can also use it to showcase testimonials from satisfied customers.

All of these features will depend on the type of business that you have. For example, if your company is involved in accommodation, you can allow users to book their rooms directly on your website using the booking engine technology.

Striped Horse Provides Affordable Website Design and Web Development in Los Angeles

Striped Horse has been designing and developing websites for companies across Los Angeles. We specialize in affordable web design and website development services. A lot of our clients are startups, so we give them unique features that will help them stand out from their competitors. We also provide a bunch of website templates so they can easily manage their website.

We also do web consulting and offer e-commerce website development. We work on Shopify and Woo Commerce, so we can help you build a powerful online store for your business. No matter the size of your company, Striped Horse is here to develop a custom solution that will meet your needs.

Our website development is optimized for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This ensures that when users are searching for products or services similar to yours they will be likely to find your site due to its ability to pop up on these searches.

What sets us apart is the quality of our code and design at a price that most startups can afford. We have been helping companies grow in Los Angeles for over the years now, and we would love to help you too. If you would like a free website development quote, fill out the form below and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly with a site plan that fits your budget.

Striped Horse also helps with branding and visual identity. We create unique logos, as well as implement them into a website design that really brings out the best in each brand. Our services are available worldwide, so if you’re looking for web design or development services wherever you might be located, we’re happy to help!

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