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Apr 12, 2021

5 Ways To Increase Conversion On Your Website

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Increase Conversion On Your Website

The ultimate goal for any website is to convert the casual scroller-by or the inquiring visitor into a subscriber or a customer. Websites that convert at the highest rate are the ones that have been well thought out and employ all the various methods required. These methods can range from simply telling the user about yourself to rather aggressive advertisement strategies. And in any situation, your aim as a website owner undoubtedly always roams around how to increase the conversion of your site. Here are 5 ways which can increase conversion on your website.

Influencer program

One of the fastest ways of gaining a burst-like stream of traffic across your site is by setting up an influencer program. Influencers are people who have a large online presence. These commonly include sport-personalities or TV-personalities or internet celebrities. And these people have giant fanbases that trust whatever the influencer says. By running an influencer program and getting the influencer to talk about you, your site, and your product, you can tap into a large pool of people who will stroll by your site having learnt about you from their favourite online personality. From there, it becomes a percentage game. The more people visiting your site, the larger number of conversions.


Continuing in the theme of gaining traffic and playing the percentage game, SEO plays a large part in the success of your site at every single level. Whether you are just starting up, or you run an older, more known-about site, anyone can benefit from a healthy dose of SEO. Optimising your site in a manner that ensures people find you is critical if you want higher conversion. As said before, a larger number of people finding and visiting your site will corelate to higher conversion. Also, the aspect of staying in the first page of a search engine is important as well. When searching, 99.9% of people never pass the 1st page and click into the 2nd one. And in general, users will tend to believe that sites on the first page of a search engine are both safer and trustworthy.

Increase Conversion On Your Website

Build Trust

The online world is plagued by a lack of trust. And there is good psychological reason behind this. Online, you cannot see who is at the other end of the connection. This inherently makes it harder for users and visitors to put down their trust. As such, it is important you tell the users about you, your aims as a company and what you can provide for the visitor. And you need to do this at the very beginning of your webpage. By letting them know who you are, you can build trust because now the user isn’t completely unaware and totally unsure. They will feel like they have good information and know you. This will make them more likely to subscribe or make a purchase.

Design And Usability

Bringing it back to the basics, any website that wants good conversion rates must have a good web design. A clean modern aesthetic is so crucial that it cannot be stressed enough. Also, your website must feel fast and snappy. The time of your visitors are valuable. People will not wait around for your slow loading website; they will simply exit. Having a fast website is important in holding onto the users who visit your page. Basically, you have to treat your visitors and users to eye-candy and fast speeds.

Following on from the aesthetic aspect, the placement of different elements also have good influence on the conversion rate. The layout must be well thought out and easy for the user to navigate. If you have multiple pages, then users should easily be able to redirect themselves using a menu or through a ‘useful links’ section down in the footer of the page. You also need to be clever about the placement of items such as sign-up buttons and newsletter subscription buttons. With these, you need to strike a balance between being inviting and also not being overbearing. This one of the important thing we as a professional always recommend.


For your website to have high conversion rates, you need to be proactive in providing good support to the user. Often times after scrolling through your site, a user might want to contact you for help or other reasons. In such situations, having clear and visible CTA buttons for the user to use are impeccably important. Allow the user to get easily in touch. Also, another method that can help your cause is a messaging system. More and more websites are beginning to adopt a basic level messaging function directly built into the site which allows users to get in contact quickly. Having one yourself will increase user satisfaction and thus cause the conversion rates to rise up.


Increasing the conversion rate is a demanding ordeal. You need to be proactive and fulfil a lot of requirements. But then again, these are all part of having a website. Aspects like design and advertisement are things you would have done anyways. The main point is, improving the quality of your execution of said tasks.

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