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Mar 29, 2021

Why WordPress Is The Best CMS To Build Your Website

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Why WordPress is the Best Platform to Build Your Website

Why WordPress Is The Best CMS

Developing a website can be as tricky as finding a nail in the haystack. Especially for people with no prior knowledge, it is like floating in a large ocean with no ends at your horizon. WordPress, however, breaks every common rules. WordPress is extremely easy to use and incredibly flexible making it perfect for not only more advanced users with higher demands and needs, but also for beginners.


Any user in this world knows that the best applications, services and basically anything digital is locked behind a pay wall. And with how popular and good WordPress is, it is also a paid commodity. Right? – Nope. WordPress is totally free and open source. Yes, you do still need a domain name and web hosting to install WordPress, you do not have to pay for it.

Easy For Beginners

One of the premiere aspects of WordPress is just how easy it is to use. Beginners can start right away even if they do not have any prior experience. WordPress has a massive selection of website templates new users can select from. This takes away the hassle of designing etc. at least at the very beginning. Many of these templates are even customisable allowing the user to change and form their first site to their liking. Other than templates WordPress supports many plugins which can be used to accomplish different tasks. WordPress web design is also easy. Since WordPress is open source, it also has a large community that is both knowledgeable and supporting. If a new user faces any problems, chances are someone else with more expertise in the community has already dealt with it and documented it for the newbies to seek help from.

Security And Management

The biggest digital fear for many is security. New threats constantly keep popping up and ruining people’s time. But with WordPress, you can stay relatively safe. WordPress is in constant development and gets regular security updates which are easy to instal thanks to WordPress’s brilliant dashboard and admin management system. through the WordPress admin management system, you can easily update to the latest version and stay safe from the Internet’s ailments.

You can also easily back your site up. Having instant backups is a stress relief medicine. And in worst case scenarios, you can use these backups to prevent excessive damage.


Wordpress Security

Websites based on WordPress tend to rank amongst the highest. this is because WordPress’s brilliant SEO. WordPress sites have excellent selection of keywords that help with search engines. Also, SEO can be easily optimised which ensures that sites appear on the first page consistently. WordPress also has SEO plugins that can be used for better results.


WordPress is the swiss army knife of the digital world. WordPress can be used and is used for many websites ranging from small businesses to large prominent stores and other complex operations. With WordPress you can satiate any requirement and use the site for anything you want to. From blogging to eCommerce, everything is possible even for beginners thanks to the varied assortment of themes and plugins. Even for WordPress experts, it is a brilliant option. Instead of starting from scratch, with the help of WordPress, you can focus more on growing over building.

WordPress also supports video and image formats. With WordPress you can place videos and texts on the sites. You can also use embedding features to embed videos form platforms like YouTube and Instagram.


WordPress’s origin is blogs. Even though WordPress has seen massive developments and has become quite frankly the best tool for site building, blogging is still at the core of WordPress. WordPress powers some of the biggest blogs and this feat on its own is self-explanatory of WordPress’s success. However, if anyone wants further reassurance, they don’t have to look far beyond management tools they can use to upload and format blogs. These tools also help to control the comment section which can often be a pitfall.

End Talk

WordPress is flexible and well thought out which makes is an ideal candidate for your purposes. WordPress has the best dashboard and CMS. And more importantly, WordPress receives constant updates and is open source with a large community behind it.  WordPress is friendly for beginners and a great choice for experts, both at the same time. And it is free. All these facts make WordPress the best platform to build your website on.

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