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January 2021
About The Project
Based on the existing brand guidelines, a complete website redesign for the DTGL agency. Finding a way to display a lot of information in an easy-to-digest form.

Client's Problem

The client needed a brand-new-looking website in a short period. They needed a web design company to:

  • Update the visual content and improve branding
  • Touch up the navigation and make the website more accessible
  • Tweak the website elements that ensure that everything is easy to find
  • Make sure that the design looks appealing on all screen types/sizes
  • Ensure that all pages are correctly optimized and can rank for their keywords

While all of the client's changes were reasonable, the timeframe they needed to have them done was the problem. They needed the project done in no longer than a month. However, the average turnout time for a professional website in 2022 is 60 days.

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How Stripped Horse Digital Helped

After a long talk with the founders of DGTL, we received the brief and expectations. The project aimed to update the website's look, rebuild the information architecture, and make the presentation more attractive. We only had 30 days to deliver.

We started by dividing the project into three phases:

  • The research phase: Reserved for research and ideation
  • The design phase: In which we performed prototyping and testing
  • The final phase: Finishing the visual design and handing off the product

After each design decision, our team had an in-depth discussion over it. Then, each team member gave their suggestions on what they thought would look best. That allowed for a well-rounded and objective final product.

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The Result

Our team delivered a fully functioning website that the client was happy with by following an agile project management framework. The website had all the updated visuals, information architecture, and design elements that the client had asked for. 

In addition, we managed to:

  • Make the website responsive so that it can be easily viewed on all devices
  • Ensure that the website was cross-browser compatible
  • Optimize the website for speed

All of this was achieved in half-time usually needed for the job. The client was happy with the result and has expressed a desire to work with our team on other projects in the future.

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Striped Horse Digital did an amazing job with our website project! Super flexible and communicative, I would 100% work with them again on any site project of any scale

Ashley Lachterman
VP, DGTL Agency

What's Next?

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